The Stag Rackenford Devon

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Then and now

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The Stag building in the past

The Stag Then The Stag Then

The old beer cellar.

The Stag Now The Stag Now

Apotropaic marks made by holding burning tapers against the wood leaving these flame marks which were thought to protect the beer and building against evil spirits!


The Stag, Rackenford Devon November 2019

The Stag bar

The Stag warm fireplace

The Stag dining table

The Stag lounge

The Stag lounge

Table at The Stag Rackenford

Yard The Stag Rackenford

Rackenford Tales

ITV West Country cameras have been visiting the village of Rackenford in Devon, hearing the stories of the people who live here and finding out what makes a rural West Country village tick.

Rackenford Tales gives a flavour of what it’s like to live out in the country, to run a business, to go to a small village school, and how things have changed over the years for rural farming communities like this.

Skip to 8:47 in the video below to hear what we have to say.

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